Radiance Peel

The Radiance Peel is designed to enhance the appearance of your skin.

What can I expect during the procedure?

A cleanser is first used on your face and neck to remove grit, dirt and debris from your skin. Next, your skin is treated with a glycolic solution to help remove dead skin cells. You may experience a slight burning or stinging sensation when the solution is applied, but this subsides after a few minutes.  The procedure is generally well-tolerated. After we neutralize the glycolic solution, a soothing mask is applied to your face to tighten your skin and refine the appearance of your pores. Last and most important, a sunscreen is applied to your face and neck to help protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.    

What can I expect after the Radiance Peel?

After the procedure, you may experience temporary redness and mild flaking as the skin exfoliates. This typically lasts only one to three days. The Radiance Peel may cause sun sensitivity, it is especially important to remember to use a daily sunblock!

Multiple treatments may be needed to achieve your skin's maximum results.