Skin Exams

Performing a self skin exam can help with early detection of precancerous or cancerous lesions. Treatment to any lesion is best at it's earliest stage. Performing skin exams on a regular basis will help you to keep an eye on changing spots on your body.

You can start your exam by examining your body in the mirror. Remember to check the front and back of your body as well as right and left sides with your arms raised.

To check your arms, you will want to look carefully at your forearms, upper arms, underarms and even your palms. Make sure you check all areas of your arms as they are likely to see lots of sun!

When looking at your legs and feet, do not forget to check between your toes and on the sole of your foot.

You may need a hand mirror for the next step. Examine the back of your neck and scalp in the hand mirror. You will want to part your hair for a closer look at your scalp.

Finally, don't forget to check your back and buttocks with the hand mirror.

If you find a suspicious lesion, contact Dr. Cleaver's office for an appointment, 660-627-7546.​